The All New Bee3+

The most reliable, all-in-one video production system that's equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen, two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output locally.  Bee 3 Plus supports Recording, Streaming, and switching up to 3 HD signal inputs (2 Hardwired via HDMI and 1 IP Camera/Device Stream) simultaneously. Its easy interface will make it a snap to record or stream any event on the fly!

The Bee8. A rock-solid workhorse. The definitive piece of equipment you can count on in mission critical capture and live streaming applications. Don't let the simplicity of use fool you; the Bee8 has built in fault tolerance in redundant content recording, concurrent live RTSP and RTMP streams, MP4 High Profile encoding, PowerPoint Push® functionality to send full screen presentation content to 40 users in individual microstreams within a LAN, automatic content upload to an FTP server or the Reach Media Center Server, easy to use front panel controls, as well as a robust telnet and serial control library. The Bee8 is the most cost effective capture streaming and distribution appliance on the market, hands down. 


The Bee7 is an incredibly advanced multimedia capture appliance. The Bee7 captures each source as an individual HTML5 stream, allowing viewers of live or VOD content to pick the arrangement of how they want to view the live video and presentation content. The Bee7 also processes presentation content with OCR to make it eloquently easy to search VOD content by keyword on the Reach Media Center server. The Bee7's simple elegant design makes it the perfect choice for capturing 3 streams of equally meaningful content where knowledge workers can pick which source is the most

relevant to their work.


The Bee9 is the most sophisticated capture and streaming appliance in the industry. Leveraging video analytics, the  presenter is tracked anywhere in a venue, free from having to wear cumbersome tracking devices. With three 3G-SDI camera inputs, and a DVI-I input for presentation content, the Bee9 calculates the most meaningful shot and automatically switches to one of three angles; presenter close-up, presenter wide, or classroom wide. It also displays presentation content full screen for a pre-selected duration (PowerPoint Switch®). The result is a highly polished, immersive program without having to have a television production crew in tow. The Bee9 also records each stream separately, so a viewer may choose to just the isolated content. Step up your content creation with a Reach Bee9!