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Bee8 All-In-One Recording Appliance for Live Streaming and Distribution


The Bee8 is an all-in-one capture, streaming, recording, and sharing appliance. It has the horsepower to deliver up to 5 live RTSP and RTMP streams concurrently, so users can connect to it directly to view their event, while remote viewers can watch the same content live through a provider like Facebook Live or YouTube. All of this while the Bee8 is recording a high profile MP4 file for VOD distribution.


The Bee8 is packed with unique and useful features like PPT switch, which enlarges presentation content to full screen so viewers can see even the finest of details in a slideshow presentation, PPT push, which provides up to forty micro streams of the presentation content to in room devices so event participants can view the presentation content on their smartphones or tablets simply, by scanning a QR code before or during  the event. It also provides redundant recording simply by inserting a flash drive in its front panel USB 2.0 port as well as local playback which increases its usefulness in a conference or huddle environment.

The Bee8 has an incredibly flexible array of input and outputs. Any video signal from analog composite SD signals to full 1080P HD signals can be input. Local monitoring or VOD playback is supported via HDMI output. Audio inputs are provided by conventional 3.5mm TRS connection or integration friendly phoenix style connectors. Audio outputs are provided to monitor the recorded audio or VOD playback by RCA connectors.

The Bee8 is easily controlled by any Web Browser, our ReachVideo App (iPAD only), our Reach Manager Lite program or external control system, and is especially easy to control by Crestron, AMX or other control systems via Ethernet or serial data. It even allows all of these to control the movements of an attached Reach HD830 PTZ camera or any other PTZ camera that conform to Visca, PelcoD, or PelcoM protocol. One less cable to connect, and a lot less coding. Is your go-to camera not one of these protocols? No problem for the Bee8! Just upload the control protocol to the Bee 8 and you’re working, and all the controls are immediately available to the control system through Reach Telnet or HEX command strings.


The Bee8 is very flexible when integrated into a new or existing IT infrastructure, and is part of a complete solution when working with the Reach Media Center Server or an existing FTP server provisioning VOD content to users.

Call to ask about our Bee8 promotions which include either a Crestron or Other Swap out Program or a Free MediaCenter Lite package (must include a TS-1)

Multi Bee8 System layout 694x390.png
Bee8 is a onetime purchase. There are no recurring site license, user, or CODEC fees year after year.
Reach will provide you with FREE firmware upgrades for its useful life.
Partner with Reach and realize everything you've been missing from your AV over IP infrastructure.
The Bee8 comes with a one-year hardware and software warranty, which can be extended up to 5 years.
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