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The Reach Bee9+ continues to lead the auto-tracking market. Coupled with Smart Switch technology, it's hard to beat elegant tracking and switching of the Bee9+. An all-in-one solution, the 4K Bee9+ offers up to 6 inputs, multiple control options and now with video conferencing capabilities between 2 Bee9+’s or other conferencing terminals.

Record, capture and stream simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook Live, and other CDN’s. With RTMP/RTSP and HTTP streaming you Have many options to share your content.

The Reach Bee9+ in the perfect solution for small, medium, and large venues such as classrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and houses of worship applications.

If you can dream it, Reach can stream it!

Key Features

  • Supports multiple video sources: 6-signal auto-switching between different signals to record teaching activities naturally. (teacher close-up, student close-up, podium panorama, student panorama, remote video conferencing & presentation)

  • In addition to SDI camera, Bee9+ can support 4K IP panoramic camera HD-950L

  • Embedded with audio processing function: support for echo suppression, 12V phantom power supply, audio mixing output and other functions.

  • USB copy file supports copy of recorded movie in high quality mode file to mobile storage device via USB interface. 

  • Support Movie mode and Resource mode Bee9+ recorded file is a standard MP4 format and supports simultaneous recording of high and low bit rate movie mode and resource mode file. 

  • High bit rate files are used for high-quality file saving, and low bit rate files are used for live streaming and video on-demand in mobile devices or low-bandwidth environment

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Click on Video Below to See Bee9 in Action!

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