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CH Series VCR

Introducing the new Video Conference Recorders (VCR) CH Series from Reach; a series of video conference appliances with storage and streaming capabilities.

This series of VCRs allow you to stream your video conferences in high definition with MP4 audio to any device like a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or meeting room screen. Need to store your video to be accessed later? This device can store your meetings locally or in the cloud for any quick-access option you choose.

Let the VCR CH Series from Reach give you complete control over your video conference streaming with multiple work modes that can be configured for a variety of ways to fit your current work flow. 

If you can dream it, Reach can stream it!

Key Features

  • Single point, point-to-point (P2P), multi-point real-time recording, live streaming, and VOD

  • Supports up to 30 grouped 1080p @ 60hz recordings, 30 grouped HD live streams, or 500 web viewers

  • Live or VOD Mobile WEB view based on HTML5 - no plugins required!

  • HD and SD streaming for PCs, mobile devices, or tablets using RTSP or RTMP

  • Live streaming at the video conferencing endpoint

  • Three-level backup with hard disk, power, and codec chip

  • RAID1 function to ensure reliability of recorded files

  • Standard encryption with HTTPS, H.235, and TLS/SRTP

  • Local and network recording

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API interfaces for integration with third-party applications

  • Supports FTP, Samba, NAS, iSCSI external network storage

  • More than 2000 hours HD video recording with 4TB hard-disk

2021 VCR ch50v2_edited.jpg

Work Mode 1: MCU or codec can call CH50 to initiate recording and streaming

VCR Work Mode 1.png

Work mode 2: recording and streaming via network switcher mirror

VCR Work Mode 2.png
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