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The Bee9 is an ultra-advanced capture. live streaming, record and distribution appliance. It utilizes advanced video analytics to track the movements of a presenter anywhere in a room, and through amazing algorithms, automatically moves a PTZ camera and automatically switches to the most meaningful shot. The Bee9 functions autonomously; just start the recording, and you're good to go! Its like having professional TV production crew. without the added expense. The introduction of the NEW Bee9+ allows us to now simplify the installation for smaller classrooms and use one single 4K IP camera to handle all three inputs that the Bee9 needs. The one 4K camera sends to the Bee9+ three separate streams over a single Cat6 cable: one stream for the 1080p wide angle shot of the 25ft wide stage view, one stream of the auto-tracking digitally zoomed in view of the instructor and finally a wide angle view stream of everything for the analysis view that guides the auto-tracking and Smart Switching.

RaveBESTofISE2015 small.PNG

The Bee9 has 3 HD-SDI inputs for simple connection of a PTZ for the presenter close-up camera and 2 fixed shot cameras, one for the presenter wide shot, and one for the room wide shot. It also features a DVI-I connection to connect a computer for presentation content such as a Powerpoint® presentation. The 4th input is also Barco Click-Share® friendly, so you can connect any computer simply by plugging in a Click-Share button.

The Bee9 has an excellent compliment of serial and Telnet commands, so you can control session recording by tapping a button on your external control system touchpad. The Bee9 is extremely Crestron® friendly, so coding is a breeze.

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