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Healthcare Solutions

A Reach healthcare solution takes the guesswork out of communicating the intricacies of sharing healthcare techniques and procedures.

Reach records, streams and archives content, as well as transferring it and other e-PHI material from the operating room, emergency department  or anywhere else in the hospital to a secure server in the cloud safely, without burdening valuable IT department time and resources . Today, as never before, healthcare depends on knowledge transfer quickly, efficiently, and in an ecosystem where EMR cannot be compromised. Our Paas and IaaS solution is not only HIPAA compliant, but HiTrust certified, and verifiably ensures a healthcare institution is in full compliance with HIPAA standards.

Reach Infrastructure can be implemented as a Service, Storage as a Service, or Platform as a Service. The solution solves, and simplifies the mission critical task enabling the secure transfer and the readily accessible storage of e-PHI content.
A Reach solution is the best solution to ensure your institutions content is secure, and responsibly protected.
Our two-server authentication process makes case content available only to those deemed authorized to view them through LDAP and active directory integration, and our hardware firewall protects access from unauthorized users, DDoS, malware, and other invasions.
Our secure cloud solution is HiTrust certified and 100% HIPAA compliant. This solution ensures an institutions handling of sensitive personal EMR is always HIPAA compliant, eliminating exposure to costly HIPAA violations. It also frees your information technology professionals from the burden of supporting complex infrastructure by providing end to end support 24x7x365.
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