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The yCat Wireless Portable Studio
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Proud to Announce that this our second product to win "Best of Show" award.


First our introduction of the Bee9 won "Best New Educational Technology" in 2015 and now the recent introduction of the yCat!!

Reach's new generation of wireless portable live video production system adopts an extremely thin and light design to realize high speed transmission from up to three 4K high-definition battery operated wireless waterproof PTZ cameras and one wireless battery operated 1080p HD encoder. The yCat solution adopts our second-generation wireless portable recording and broadcasting technology to realize drop-out free, ultra-long-distance (1500 meters) wireless signal transmission with up to 8 hours of recording with no external power supply. To compliment the 4K high-definition cameras, we built-in 4G wireless Internet access module and wireless audio module for the ultimate in portability. The simple form factor and easy to use interface makes it perfect for recording, sharing and presenting any live event with various effects and titling to make any user look like a professional. And at any time, you can use the platform to share your high quality production and content live or VOD right to Facebook Live or YouTube with ease.

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