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Years of experience in content creation and distribution

Reach-US is a culture dedicated to knowledge transfer, and we leverage the power of AV over IP as the method to help organizations empower their knowledgeable workers. For too long, the go to solutions have made life difficult for organizations to effectively and efficiently transfer knowledge. Reach-US has taken the model, and simplified it to a point where anyone can create knowledge packed content, and distribute it live, or as VOD simply and beautifully. We don't hide behind a behemoth brand name to produce plain vanilla solutions that kind-of work. Our knowledgeable team players are all committed to exceeding our customers expectations. Our United States Management team are lean and agile. We are responsive and proactive. When you partner with Reach, you can rest assured that we will exceed any expectation you have envisioned. 

Reach-US is a wholly owned United States LLC. We provide the specifications and vision for products to be sold as part of a complete AV over IP solution used in the United States of America and Canada for SZ Reach, a manufacturer of very high end streaming media encoders, decoders, and servers. We strive to align with our customers, have productive conversations to ascertain their needs, and leverage the power of our collective experience to satisfy those needs. Sometimes a customers needs are beyond what we do, and this is where we really shine. Our experience has taught us that no entity is a one-stop-shop, so everyday we investigate how our products fit in with other products in the industry, so we can provide the best solution. This solution may not include all Reach-US products, but we will demonstrate to our customers that we have the acumen to present a solution that exceeds their expectations. Our model further demonstrates to other companies that we are agile with respect to design development, and will be their committed partner, as we are committed partners to our customers.



Our Team

Steven Valenti


Sean Valenti


AJ Shelat


Nicki Valenti

Richard Lei


Andy Peng


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