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Android OS Camera Sound Bars

The new 4KMSB90A-U1 Android Camera is an all-in-one collaboration device that is especially designed for small meeting rooms. The 4KMSB90-U1 integrates a 4k camera, codec, speaker, and microphone as one single device equipped with Android 5.1 that provides unparalleled video and audio experience.

The new 2KMSB94E-SU1 USB plug-and-play camera is integrated with a high-definition camera, pickup microphone, speaker, and DSP echo cancellation chip. Equipped with 2k AI face-tracking technology and super-wide video range, your meeting session will be taken to a new level through the collaboration with Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype, etc.

USB Plug-and-Play Cameras
2KMSB94E-SU1 USB Camera_edited.jpg
Android OS Camera Sound Bars
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The 4KSB120E includes a 120-degree viewing angle to see all participants near and far in your full size  conference room. It’s simple to operate, uses standard Windows Drivers, a USB cable and power connections making it simple to install. With the 4K Camera sensor and super wide video range, every room session will be taken to a new level by working with your collaboration tool of choice: Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype etc.

HDP20xT (HD21N)

The New "Hybrid Series" of Reach Cameras  allow for simultaneous output of live images via USB, POE IP, HD-SDI and HDMI. This makes the HD21N one of the most versatile installation HD PTZ Cameras on the market. Its new Sony imager gives it excellent color reproduction, even in the most difficult of lighting conditions. And the combination of USB video and control as well as IP Streaming will let you stream your event with sharp and crisp results.  

4k cam front.png

The HD30N is designed for the lecture rooms of the future. It's 4k signal gives you the crystal clear reproduction of any details in the room or on the board. As part of the "Hybrid Series", this camera will produce simultaneous USB, IP, Digital 6G-SDI and HDMI signals for any integrated solution.

4KP12xT (HD30N)

This product enables the HDMI output off of our Bee Series products to be ingested by any laptop or device looking for a USB camera. It has one input and a USB-C output which can output crystal clear video up to 4K.  Commonly used with the Bee3+ or Bee8+ to enable them to participate in Zoom, Webex, Teams, or Google Meets collaboration sessions.

Reach US CC11.GIF

Reach's Compact Keyboard - This simple Joystick keyboard will let you operate a series of PTZ cameras via RS422/485 communications. Have all the controls of a broadcast engineer right at your fingertips. And even set up a series of Presets to quickly access those views/shots you need to capture quickly.

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