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The most powerful line of knowledge transfer products ever assembled

Whether you're here to see what we do, or narrowing down your list of choices for an upcoming project, these pages are made to be incredible resources for you to gather information and knowledge. On each grouping of equipment, there are a wealth of resources for you to learn why a Reach solution is the right choice.


Bee Series All-In-One Encoding Live Streaming, Archiving, and VOD Distribution Appliances

The Bee Series of capture devices provide a simple and beautiful and cost-effective way to encode, record, and distribute content. The Bee series feature an easy-to-use and configure web interface to make scheduling and encoding a snap and unlike many companies providing streaming and archiving product, there are no recurring fees for the use of the Reach .mp4 codec. Plug in a HD PTZ camera or two, and a source for presentation content, and you're streaming live! The top of the line Bee9 Plus can even switch sources and track a presenter through video analytics, all automatically.

Bee3+: All-in-One Live Video Production works with IP Cameras too! - call about upgrade options to 4K!!
Bee7:  Multi-Stream AV over IP Appliance
Bee8+:  All-In-One Recording Appliance for Live Streaming and Distribution
Bee9+:  Advanced AV over IP Appliance with Auto-Tracking & Auto-Switching included

Rex Servers and MultiStream

Encoders and Decoders

The Rex server is the backbone of a well-crafted AV over IP Solution. It is a powerhouse server, with the ability to simultaneously stream and record up to 48 HD and SD encoders, as well as stream live and VOD content to 200 concurrent users; and all in 1 RU! The Rex is simple to deploy and manage through a beautiful web interface, and/or included control application. It is connectable to SAN and NAS to provide even more easily accessible storage. Make your next AV over IP project a Rex system with ENC1200S HD, ENC120S VGA and ENC110S SD encoders, as well as the DEC1000 decoder for low latency local display of streaming content.

Reach REX Media Servers with Encoders and Decoders


MediaCenter Pro Software & Servers

mediacenter pic.PNG

MediaCenter Pro is the sharing component that most manufacturers are missing. Our MediaCenter Pro is the point of access for users to view content created by Reach appliances, or uploaded by users. The MediaCenter Pro is simple to deploy, manage, and provides easy access for user's content.  The MediaCenter Pro also transcodes content to Flash 19 and HTML5 so that everyone can watch content without fussing with proprietary, or adapted media players.
It really can’t get any easier than this. No complicated menus or sub-menus. No open source authoring that will bring your help desk to its knees. Media Center is the real deal with over 17 years of continual development. It provides a user whatever they need simply and beautifully on one concise page. It is the heart of an AV over IP based knowledge sharing solution, with a TCO that’s at least 40% less than the competition.

Reach MediaCenter Pro
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